The Blazing Phoenix, the Hercules, and the Harpy are also good, but the Corgi and the Battlebot have the edge in terms of Legendary Pets for magic tanking. No air or water pets can enter Cube. It can be used as a magic tank because of its high magic defense. Contact us here. This means you'll usually use your DD pets. Air pets in combat against non-air enemies will only cause ½ their normal damage, though they will also only take ½ normal damage from non-air enemies as well. When your pet reaches 0 HP it dies and loses 10% of its Loyalty. Pet leveling can be done in a few different ways: battling wild pets, battling pet tamer NPCs, and items. This can be misleading, however, because the charts aren't symmetrical and only the first 7 levels are readily distinguishable. The Tame skill is received at level 7, after a Venomancer successfully proves herself to the Pet Skill Trainer of the City of the Lost. Unlike other rare pets, its spawn time is random between 24-48 hours so it's harder to tame. There are two things all new players to Perfect World should know: characters level much faster with quests than by killing Wraiths, and, part of a complete character's development since the advent of the Rebirth system, is to begin again the whole leveling task a second and third time. The speed of the mount increases as the mount levels (mounts level according to their use), however the maximum speed is set at one meter per second higher than the minimum, for all currently released mounts. The fastest way to level a battle pet - Blizzard Watch. If you're planning to bot, you should use a pet so it gets EXP. The game's currency system has been completely overhauled as of the content update released on 10/23/2019. As you progress through the levels you will get stronger and you'll have to start picking a DD pet. Savage pets only get a max of 5 EXP per kill. Tame pets normally get a maximum of 10 EXP per kill, assuming that the kill is of something the pet's level or higher, however if you have the pet at a loyalty level of 50% or higher ("Loyal"), then it gets a maximum of 15 EXP per kill. – [Guide] – it is not exactly a quest per se, but it is more like a guided task which will show you how to do something in the future. Every pet alive after each battle will share the pooled XP equally. In order to create a baby pet, the correct number and types of eggs, as well as coins for the fee, must be brought to Mrs. Zoologist (586,620) in Archosaur. 1. its boring one hit mobs, but the pet gets the full 15xp per kill. This generally applied to players in the lower levels during the time when leveling was a slow process. Some might prefer tank pets and some might prefer DD pets. The Monkey King and the other legendary pets provide good damage, but the Harpy and the Battlebot are superior. Of course, investing into a Legendary Pet just for pulling isn't a smart choice. The reason being that this period is slow, and for many classes it can be difficult to stay motivated past these levels. Once a pet is hatched and summoned, it must be fed in order to prevent the pet's loyalty from dropping, and to ensure that the loyalty increases. The link above should provide you with everything you need to know. If you’re looking to track your collections, Wowhead now has the Battle Pet Collection Tracker and Mount … It has a role in PvP, but the Monkey is better. This skill can be upgraded every 10 levels, in order to raise the amount of HP initially restored to the pet. Furthermore, allowing the pet to die will result in a 10% drop in loyalty, so it is important to keep the loyalty high in order to keep the pet leveling, and therefore strong enough for battle. Once a monster has been tamed by a Venomancer it reverts to an egg. First and foremost you'll have to get accustomed to using the pet commands to learn how to fully control your pet. No elements. Getting Level 3: You can now make Gear and Molds between Level 10-29 Mats needed are Lowest Grade Manufacture 10 level 2 Items until the manufacturing skill bar reaches 100% Main's level requirement: 5+ Recommended Alt level range: 2-17 You can use Low Grade mats, but this is the cheaper way is to stick with the Lowest Grade for now. If you are just starting the game, Then Choose the main quest for leveling up your current level and experiences. The Harpy is somewhat weaker than the Windwalking Piggy, but will have a much higher damage output. It's a good DD pet, but not the best. Every 10 levels this spell can be upgraded to improve the chance of a successful tame by 5%. It is rare that pets will tank. The Shaodu Cub and the Armored Bear are quite good at tanking as well if you like their design more. Venomancers are able to use pets, which have a variety of utilities from tanking to luring monsters to debuffing targets. War Front Supply Crate. This pet is bound upon taming. You will need to set Heal Pet on the Assisting slot. From the cash shop, or with in-game bought gold, the player can buy a Super Cage item, which will automatically increase the pet bag to its full capacity. The Frogling has the best magic defense on the ground and it can evolve. How often you need to use it will be determined by how often your pet will need heals. on which pets deal full damage as opposed to players. The pup can be used as a puller because of it's speed, as a DDer because of it's high attack and as a debuffer, since he has Slow (reduces speed) and Threaten (reduces physical attack) as skills. These eggs, which can be hatched at a Pet Skill Trainers or Pet Managers, will no longer be monsters, but will be referred to as pets, and upon hatching will be placed immediately in the Pet Bag. Star1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 Star6. Discarding active pets however, requires an extra step. You will get your main first quest from the Right side of the top bar. If you start out with an AA build, your priority will be to have a decent tanking pet. If you plan on doing a lot of air-based tanking, the best free pet is the Windwalking Piggy. These pets are available for ground combat only. This is the value used to determine whether or not an opponent misses with its auto attack. Upon choosing which of two starter pets the Venomancer would like, and fulfilling the appropriate quest, the Venomancer is rewarded with their very first pet, as well as these two important skills to care for it. Any ranged or fast pet will do the job. There are pets who appear to have skills that normally their level range wouldn't allow them to have. monsters/bosses. In order to obtain a Legendary Pet you have to buy certain items from the Boutique and exchange them for the pet ticket at Ms. Zoologist in Archosaur or the PW Market Agent. Please replace the old information with up to date information. As the Venomancer can only receive 100% of all experience from battle, many times a pet with full loyalty will achieve full experience faster than the player and must wait for the player to level before it can proceed to the next level. For the air, the Waspkin group does the best as free pets, but the Windwalking Piggy is also decent enough if you already have one for physical tanking. A quick summary of the each legendary pet: The ultimate tanking pet. Make sure the pet is summoned otherwise it won't work. In PvP most pets aren't strong enough to survive so you'll probably either get a Baby Blazing Phoenix or a Monkey King. This is a single, basic attack and, for pet classes, the ability to summon a creature. Name : Coordinate : Starting Lv : Skill : Type : Likes : Evolve into : Frogling (196 513) ↑22, (239 549) ↑22, (245 571) ↑22 9 Toxic Mist lvl1, Shriek lvl1, Boost lvl1 Baby or "all class" pets are sometimes confused with rare pets, as many of the available baby pets can only be created through the use of rare pet eggs. A PvE "jack of all trades, master of none" pet that has superior stats and more utility compared to the Phoenix. 3 Snatchfoot Foxwing, 3 Foxwing of the Void, Drain enemy HP equal to 50% pet's lost HP, Drain enemy MP equal to 50% pet's lost HP. Venomancers can use pets to lure a single monster out of a group of monsters. good luck guys and ty for the guide. Untuk level 1-30 cukup melakukan quest yang ada karena leveling dari level 1 ke level 30 sangatlah mudah 2. In the air, everything's about the same as far as movement goes, so don't take up another pet bag slot with a puller. The Blazing Phoenix, the Monkey King, the Battle Corgi or the Battlebot pet are the better choices if you can afford any of them. The Loyalty of a pet is measured on a scale from 0-999, with different amounts of damage dealt and experience gained in battle based on the level of the pet's loyalty. 3 Antelope Pup, 2 Frost Antelope, 1 Proud Antelope. While pets can be helpful in battle as another member of the team, what really pushes pets from being just a tank for damage into a powerful ally is the array of skills available to pets. Flyers. A venomancer's pet bag is the storage area for their active battle pets, mounts, or space for any other class to store an all-class or baby pet. At the beginning your pets won't have much trouble keeping up with you in levels, but soon they'll start falling behind and you'll have to take care of them or maybe you're a high level Venomancer that just tamed a low level pet or recently acquired a Legendary Pet that needs lots of leveling... so what can you do? You can also try talking to other Perfect World players (both in game and in the forums) and you'll often get a lot of help if you just ask for it, so don't be afraid to ask. At level 40+ the preferred method for leveling ground pets is the Cube of Fate, room 4. I played the game for two solid years. I would like to start off by saying that I think Barbarians are one of the best classes in Perfect World International.I have spent considerable hours playing my Barbarian and practicing the art of “Tanking” in order to give you the best information I can gather. Each stat appears to have 10 tiers of growth rate: Some of the values have been interpolated. Pets come in different forms and shapes. If you let them use a skill attack, they'll run into melee range. While some of these baby pets are all-class version of rare pets, others are simply all-class versions of normal pets, and require a higher sum to create. Monsters with a yellow icon may also be tamed, but are the same level as the caster and therefore will not be an easy tame. Some rare pet scrolls can only be dug from DT chests (or bought from other players who dug those chests). will also give your pets more HP so your DD pet should be tankier than normal. The following are PvP-based pet skills. However, there aren't really that many underwater quests so you could also tame any at-level water pets and discard them later. Element. If you want to level 2-3 pets at a time, try to let all pets battle in each match. These pets are less common than land pets, and can only be used for underwater combat. Another decent physical tanking pet is the Corgi. All pets regardless of their Land/Water/Air zone will automatically be stowed if they cannot reach/find the player for over 30 seconds. The game's currency system has been completely overhauled as of the content update released on 10/23/2019. The EXP requirements for pets start at 50 to get to level 2, then the requirement increases by +10 each level up to level 10, then +15 per level up to 29, and from 31 to 99 it's +50 per level. You should also learn how to pull/lure monsters (read 1. Quests. Generally speaking, pets get higher stats by leveling than they get in the wild, so to speak. From this point on the Venomancer must use the Tame skill to capture monsters as pets, by weakening the monster considerably and performing the Tame spell. Basic pet food can be bought from the Pet Manager. The initial pet bag has the capacity to hold two pets, however it can be increased through quests to the full capacity of holding ten pets. Untuk itu saya membuat guide tentang fast leveling PW, berikut panduannya: 1.Level 1-30 Quest,quest dan quest. These can be reshaped in the Combat Pet Training window. The monster/boss has to be higher level than the pet otherwise the pet won't gain EXP. In other words, you'd need to kill 6,667 mobs at 15 EXP each to raise your level 100 pet to level 101, 33,334 for level 101 to 102, 166,667 for level 102 to level 103, 666,667 for level 103 to level 104, and 3,333,334 for level 104 to level 105. Now let's begin. Welcome to my Ultimate Perfect World Wizard Build Guide. AA build, probably for PvP, you will benefit from a good DD pet during PvE activities since your damage will be low. Any kind of Cacti pets are also ranged, but they are usually used as pulling/luring pets than actual tanks due to their lower stats. Merfolk are the fastest swimmers and make decent pullers, but again, not usually worth the pet bag slot just for pulling. Pets in squads Pet skills can also be bought in the Auction House, sold by other players. The items and tickets are trade-able, but once the ticket has been opened the pet is bound to the account (it can be account stashed). Mount Mount Aid Skyblade Sky. Otherwise, the aforementioned Legendary Pets are an excellent choice. When used correctly a wide range of affects can be achieved through using and combining skills. goons have been fixed QQ oh yeah pwi is a game of cash shopping and practice, so you got to spend real money to have a chance and as i mentioned skill. wit it you can buy the gold in game (not using your real money) to buy a herc pet or nix. When summon skill level is … The lower the opponent's HP, the higher the probability the Tame will be successful. A PvE ranged physical DD pet with superior base and inherit stats compared to the Harpy, but lacks magic damage and spam-able AOE damage. This is the only pet that can accompany the player while mounted on aerogear. Material. I played all characters with various stat builds, and did an extensive search on the pwi, pwi wiki, ecatomb, and other not-to-be-missed sites related of pwi. Suitable pets for botting are either pets with good DD power to help you kill monsters faster or tank pets that require less healing and have a lower risk of dying. It is important the pet does not die, as upon each death the loyalty of the pet drops 20%. The skills involved in this are: All of these skills are crucial to playing as a Venomancer and getting the pets one needs to smoothly take victories in battle. Nearest town is Shrine of Immortals. There is also a “Life” section in this menu, these skills are the typical “Job” skills you can get in a lot of other MMORPGs, like Fishing, Cooking, Alchemy, and Gathering. Even if you follow a Vit AA build and/or start out with Dreamchaser pack gear, which is really strong, you will still want to have a trusted tank pet by your side. Decent phys def, decent magic defense, low hp. The %age mitigated depends on the levels of both the pet and its attacker. If you are just starting the game, Then Choose the main quest for leveling up your current level and experiences. p.s. Despite this, you will still need a tank pet to have around, but you might find yourself using a DD pet more often than an AA build. Pet skills can be brought from two NPCs located in Archosaur, Mrs Zoologist (587 620) and Mr Zoologist (586 649). Evolve: When you evolve a pet you get a pet with x3 stats, and to evolve a pet you need to combine 5 regular pets of the same type; Eternalize (only for Unique or higher): When you eternalize an evolved pet you get an eternalized pet with x5 stats, and to eternalize a pet you need to combine 5 evolved pets of the same type Perfect Cookies can be fed to every pet (with the exception of the evolved Windwalking Piggy) and raise their Loyalty by 200 points. * Guide contains 2015 Halloween and 2015 Christmas pets, however not the special pets from the past years. If you can't or don't want to spend real life money and charge gold for the pets, here are some tips for saving money. Taming these pets can become highly competitive, as their rarity increases their value. Posted: (2 days ago) A good way to avoid having to feed your pet is by having a tome equipped. It can work on ground too, but not in instances. After a pet has been tamed and hatched for battle, a Venomancer must carefully raise and care for her pet in order to ensure efficiency in battle. It's filled with level 150 mobs with 10 HP, so each one will give the maximum possible EXP per kill to your pets. It's level 20 and spawns every 12 hours at 200 452 and 288 458. Whether you're leveling pets for fun or want to get some serious leveling done during the Pet Battle Bonus Event, we've got tips for you. If you're planning to start with a HA build then you may want to consider a magic tank pet to compensate for your low magical defenses. Level: 100 HP:100. Weaken the monster to low HP and perform the Tame spell. It should be noted that you cannot level pets to a higher level than the venomancer who is using them, just as you can't hatch or tame pets that have a higher level than the venomancer. Name: Mutant Mantis. In both cases you won't need a tank pet as much, but if you still have yours, you could keep in case it's ever needed. Although nowadays players do get a lot of useful things like free charms or free strong gear making things a lot easier, it's still a good idea to keep a leveled tanky pet around. Soulstone Esper Esper Aid Gem Reforge Soul Card. Other Legendary Pets are decent, too. This is especially true for the Barbarian.. For this reason, this Perfect World International Leveling Guide will focus on these first levels primarily, and offer a few simple steps to follow. You will also gain more character attribute points, 5 per level, to be distributed amongst the 4 main attributes of PWI. This pack gives characters the ultimate leveling boost! Pet leveling Tips | Kitel's PWI walk through. Your pet will only advance its level when it is active for an EXP-giving kill. In This Wiki Guide. A PvE pet equipped with ranged attacks (physical, magical, auto-attack) some of which are AOE and/or can be spammed. You might also need to tell your squad to hold back with their attacks. Mungkin kebanyakan dari kita masih kesulitan untuk menaikkan level di game Perfect world terutama ketika sudah mencapai level 70++. The Baby Hercules and Baby Blazing Phoenix tickets can also be obtained through Perfect Chests chance packs from the Boutique. Seals. Insects and foxwings are the most common air pets, however there are exceptions. This panther is made for pulling, DDing and debuffing because it comes with a nice set of default skills. If you're that type of person then read about AA or LA builds' pets depending on what you choose. All of these monsters, aside from the Snow Hare, spawn only once every 12 hours. This page was last edited on 9 July 2020, at 11:28. You can be increasing your current level using many ways. Keep in mind that the aforementioned pets only use range when they are auto-attacking so you have to make sure their skills are turned off. Once Loyal status is achieved with a pet, along with doing 120% of the pet's normal damage, it will receive 150% experience from each battle that is participates in. The tame itself is immensely more effective on a weakened enemy. This may include rewriting sections to ensure they are clear and concise, and. You need to achieve a certain amount of EXP in order to reach the next level. If you decide to get R9rr you'll eventually become stronger than your pet when it comes to tanking, but if you've taken your loyal tank pet all the way up to level 100 you might as well evolve it and keep it around, even more so if it's a Baby Hercules. Unlike land and water pets, when the player lands on solid ground or on the water's surface (however not when fully submerged), an air pet will not be stowed to the pet bag. Apart from that you will definitely benefit from a good DD pet as you're going to have low magic attack. The pet gets one less EXP per level it is above the mob killed. Phoenix Feathers and Sources of Force are interchangeable, as they can be traded in stacks of 100 to the Pet Manager for the preferred unit. Hello and welcome to the beginner's guide. Beginner's Guide - Official PWpedia. The value displayed in the Battle Pet Window reflects modification by Loyalty and therefore does. To this end the Heal Pet and Revive Pet are particularly important. Location: 113 226. This is what can make a Cleric scary. You can tame a free pet with decent stats and equip it with support skills. During early levels the pet debuffs Howl/Pierce will be stronger than that of players like Clerics, Barbarians, Venomancers etc. It also comes with Pounce, a legendary pet skill that stuns the target and increases the pet's attack rate. From the pet bag the player can view the pet's stats, call the pet to battle, or stow the pet away. Why make a Veno? Res. you'll find yourself gaining more and more: experience, coins, and spirit. In reality however, baby pets are non-combat pets that simply follow their owner, and do not require leveling or loyalty. but at higher levels (around 90+) you'll have to start paying attention not to accidentally overwrite the classes' powerful debuffs with the pet's. Then you won't need to feed your pet anymore. Untuk level 1-30 cukup melakukan quest yang ada karena leveling dari level 1 ke level 30 sangatlah mudah 2. It's level 80 and spawns every 12 hours at 628 624. New S.Chart Packs Wedding Pets Home Misc. Search Level 0-1 Level 2-30 Level 31-60 Level 61-90 Level 91-120 Level 121-149 Level 150 Level 151-165 Level 166-200. PWI – Venomancer Preview: New Pets and Evolution! Hello there, reader! However, there aren't really that many underwater quests so you could also tame any at-level water pets and discard them later. During the lower levels you'll probably rely on tank pets more because you'll probably solo a lot, unless you start out with friends or make friends and play together early on. PWI Pet Woes: I Want This Pet, But I Have No Room!. If you're in a squad and other people hit monsters first, your pet won't gain EXP. More details in the 8. Guide Pet Evolution System Perfect World Indonesia 2 ... Jadi apabila sekarang Fx kamu telah mencapai lvl 105 dan pet masih level 100, dan kamu memiliki kesulitan untuk menaikkan levelnya, well no more! The "jack of all trades, master of none" pet. Loyalty affects the EXP the pet gains so make sure your pet's loyalty is high. This is the value used to determine whether or not your pet hits with its auto attack. The EXP requirements for pets start at 50 to get to level 2, then the requirement increases by +10 each level up to level 10, then +15 per level up to 29, and from 31 to 99 it's +50 per level. Different Legendary Pets offer different things so you should choose the one(s) to serve your needs. In general, Legendary Pets cannot take up this job due to having their own specific skill sets. On land, ranged Eldergoth and Cacti pets make decent pullers. They are immune to magic damage so carry a low level bow with a good deal of arrows. It must be noted that every time the pet is fed its loyalty increases based on the feed value, however every time the pet is killed in battle its loyalty drops by 10%. Because these pets are for classes other than Venomancers, the creator of a Baby Pet could be anyone, as long as they provide the eggs and coins. Your Vit. With every 10 levels a Venomancer can level up the Tame skill, adding a 5% chance of a successful tame. Beginning players will probably want to stick to a simple build. These pets, however, can neither swim nor fly. Whether you'll want to keep it around, it is up to you. Mounts, as they are creatures, also are traded and purchased as Pet Eggs, although they cannot be tamed throughout the world. Some things to keep in mind about pet leveling: The most popular place for leveling land pets. She also has a monster-only AOE stun. They are elemental immune. Active pets must be reverted to pet eggs at a Pet Skill Trainer, resulting in a fee and a reduction of the pet's loyalty to 0. Every 10 levels this spell can be upgraded to improve the chance of a successful tame by 5%. By having the pet on manual you can avoid such accidents. Only hatched pets can be placed in the pet bag, pet eggs remain in the inventory, and must be hatched at a Pet Skill Trainer or Pet Manager. Movement increases every x levels, where x is NOT linear, however x gets larger and smaller in some cases (likely caused by rounding). While a large majority of combat and gameplay within Perfect World takes place on the ground, both air and water battles are not uncommon. The answer is...all of them! So this is one way to increase your level and experience at the beginning of the game. Points: Refers to the inherited stats of an evolved pet. Seals are getting their own area mostly because I did not know where to put them. Monsters with red icons next to their names are tamable monsters, however the caster's level is below that of the monster and therefore can't be tamed until the caster is of equal or greater levels. If you've already picked one, you might want to level it up if it has fallen behind in levels. This is for PvE only. In endgame instances, most pets will be needed as DD/debuff/support pets. The Tame skill is used to capture monsters as pets. Well, maybe not really all of them unless you can afford that. The Cloud Skatefish is a good option during the low levels, but as it can't evolve you won't want to keep it for the endgame. Therefore, the core levels for upgrading pet skills are level 1, 20, 40, 60 and 80. Of the tamable water monsters, water-based undines and Celestial Plumpfish are the most common, however turtles and a few strains of fish are also common water pets. If you’re not a Veno, you can get all-class pets. They are costly and because of that they have certain advantages over free pets. The Petite Sawfly is the best free air pet and it can also evolve at level 100, but it's not available at lower levels. A named pet however will still retain its name. You can feed those to your pets to level them up. These little creatures are great for leveling air pets. Venomancers are unique from other classes as the only class in PW capable of taming and using a monster as an ally in battle. Most notably however, the type and kind of feed given to a pet is directly linked to the pet's loyalty. Frost Undines have the best magic defense underwater. Situations requiring debuffs will generally be in instances or on the ground so don't fill your pet bag slots with air/water utility pets. Res. Venomancer Pet Evolution.​​, How to get your first pet and pet related skills, #saynotogrinding October 27, 2015 October 27, 2015 / SBW / Leave a comment While some may argue that Perfect World is considered “pay-to-win”, others may disagree. Pet Protection Scroll: Increase Pet's Magic Defense by 180% for 1 hour. Mungkin kebanyakan dari kita masih kesulitan untuk menaikkan level di game Perfect world terutama ketika sudah mencapai level 70++. Therefore there are several monsters throughout the game that are tamable for combat in different zones. A pet egg can be sold, traded, or discarded after it has been obtained, also allowing that pet eggs can be purchased and raised by Venomancers that did not tame them. With high HP and defense, this pet is also made for tanking, but specifically for air combat. Underwater, Turtles make the best pets for a physical tanking job until the Plumpfish at level 80 or the evolved Hercules (Celestial Giant) at level 100. Pet leveling can be done in a few different ways: (+25%), Pet Treat check out the carry pet experience reference guide over on warcraftpets for further reading., Leveling Guide Below is an improved The Nurse Sara Sweetheart is an eggsploiter pet that is only you can follow the same guide for Duo/Trio leveling because. 19 Oct. 2016: Updated the guide with a starter build for the Season 8 free set, Immortal King's Call.