The country code +359 indicates that the phone number you are about to dial is to Bulgaria in Europe.Before you call to Bulgaria you should be aware of that they speak Bulgarian (official) 76.8%, Turkish 8.2%, Roma 3.8%, other 0.7%, unspecified 10.5% (2011 est. The domain name .bg is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) in the Domain Name System of the Internet for Bulgaria. U.S. Food and Drug Administration 10903 New Hampshire Avenue Silver Spring, MD 20993 1-888-INFO-FDA (1-888-463-6332) Contact FDA — The two-letter ISO code should be used (ISO 3166 alpha-2), except for Greece, for which the abbreviation EL is recommended.The order of protocol for the Member States is alphabetical, based on the original written form of the short name of each country. Currently for Bulgaria, ISO 3166-2 codes are defined for 28 districts. ISO-3166 Alpha-2. 1313 21 0000006349 00000 n Occupied Palestinian Territory ↩ The codes indicated are to be used for trade between mainland Great Britain and the Channel Islands only. 0000001168 00000 n xref Country Codes for the Caribbean Netherlands Allocated The country codes for the subdivided Antilles used by WIPO and applicants of international trademarks have been made definite. BA – Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is currently operated by Register.BG . %%EOF 0000006001 00000 n Glossary:Country codes Jump to: navigation , search Member States of the European Union (EU) and other countries have been assigned a two-letter country code , always written in capital letters, and often used as an abbreviation in statistical analyses, tables, figures or maps. 0000183785 00000 n 0000000732 00000 n Bulgaria country code (prefix) or dialing code with an interactive map and travel information to explore Bulgaria. 0000089043 00000 n First Page << 1 >> Last Page Area Codes 1-11 (of 11) x��ѱ 0�0�k��k�(���ۓ&�-����x���C. For international dialing instructions to Bulgaria, use our drop down boxes at the top of this page or check out our easy-to-use country code search tool. x�b```b``Qg`��B cb�W4�;� �_b|���� ����nDž���P�A�P���H�7��9 ������Y�qúF�&��UNg ���Y�4/��1�4)�T �İ � �1-� Operator and region of a phone number Mobile and fixed phones Phone codes of countries and regions. Contact, Bulgaria: Location and distances to other countries. BG – Bulgaria. 0000001291 00000 n Get the top BG abbreviation related to Country Code. Track by Tracking Number; Track by Reference; Track by E-mail; Obtain Signature Proof of Delivery; AD Andorra AE United Arab Emirates AF Afghanistan AG Antigua AG Barbuda AI Anguilla AL Albania AM Armenia AO Angola AR Argentina AS American Samoa AT Austria AU Australia AW Aruba AZ Azerbaijan BA Bosnia-Herzegovina BB Barbados BD Bangladesh BE … AM – Armenia. Country code location. 0000088800 00000 n There is no country code for the European Community. startxref Exemple: ID-RI est la province Riau d’Indonésie et NG-RI est la province Rivers du Nigéria. Country Codes, Digraphs, countries, ISO 3166, Internet domain names, Afganistan Albania Algeria; Andorra Angola; flag Antigua and Barbuda Argentina; Armenia Austalia; Austria flags Azerbaijan The Bahamas Bahrain; Bangladesh Barbados Belarus Belgium Belize Benin Bhutan; Bolivia Bosnia and Herzegovina Botswana Brazil Brunei; Bulgaria Burkina Faso Burundi Cambodia Cameroon; Canada … This list is updated whenever a change to the official code list in ISO 3166-1 is effected by the ISO 3166/MA. The list includes some currencies (marked with an asterisk) that are not officially recognized by the ISO. However, obsolete and old Euro-zone currencies are not included in the list. Country listing with the given two letter code (ISO alpha-2) and the three letter code (ISO alpha-3), the UN numeric code (ISO 3166-1 numeric-3), as well as the FIPS 10-4 code … BG / BGR: 7,148,785: 110,910: 53.7 Billion: Burkina Faso: 226: BF / BFA: 16,241,811: 274,200: 12.13 Billion: Burundi: 257: BI / BDI: 9,863,117: 27,830: 2.676 Billion: Cambodia: 855: KH / KHM: 14,453,680: 181,040: 15.64 Billion: Cameroon: 237: CM / CMR: 19,294,149: 475,440: 27.88 Billion: Canada: 1: CA / CAN: 33,679,000: 9,984,670: 1.825 Trillion: Cape Verde: 238: CV / CPV: 508,659: 4,033: 1.955 Billion: Cayman … Country Names, ISO Country Codes, 2 Letter Country Codes, Country Abbreviations BG is the two-letter country abbreviation for Bulgaria. Comprehensive country code information, including ISO 3166 codes, ITU dialing codes, ISO 4217 currency codes, and many others - datasets/country-codes 0000000016 00000 n This Country Codes list states the country names (official short names in English) in alphabetical order as given in ISO 3166-1 and the corresponding ISO 3166-1-alpha-2 code elements. trailer The Caribbean Netherlands (Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba) was assigned the country code BQ. This Country Codes list is updated whenever a change to the official code list in ISO 3166-1 is effected by the ISO 3166/MA. 1333 0 obj<>stream The two-letter country abbreviation for Bulgaria is BG, the three-letter code is BGR. List Of Country & Dialing Codes. ISO 3166-2:BG is the entry for Bulgaria in ISO 3166-2, part of the ISO 3166 standard published by the International Organization for Standardization, which defines codes for the names of the principal subdivisions of all countries coded in ISO 3166-1. AD – Andorra. 0000003313 00000 n ISO Country Codes - IATA Country Codes. 0000006177 00000 n The 2-letter codes shown above are supplied by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization). The UN also uses 3-letter codes, and numerical codes to identify nations, and those are shown above. The + initiates an international call, followed by the country code (here 359 for Bulgaria). Name, continent, country code and links to wikipedia and maps. AT – Austria (sometimes OE in German-speaking countries: for “Oesterreich”) BY – Belarus. 0000002775 00000 n 0000003820 00000 n 0000002245 00000 n Curacao was allotted the code CW and Sint Maarten now has the code SX. 0000004342 00000 n What does BG stand for in Country Code? Country-specific domains ending with .bg, e.g. 0000089234 00000 n It bases its list of country names and abbreviations on the list of names published by the United Nations. ).You can see the exact location of this country code on the maps below AL – Albania. Alphabetically search for a currency by country name or currency code. The names of the Member States of the European Union must always be written and abbreviated according to the following rules. Căutați proiecte sprijinite din Fondul european de dezvoltare regională și din Fondul de coeziune Les codes pour les subdivisions de pays sont représentés par le code de pays alpha-2, suivi de trois caractères maximum. Home Check phone number Country phone codes Phone code by city or country name.