The plan was to build it all from scratch. “We don’t really set a fixed rate,” Shanta said. B. Kettenreaktion] He explained that he was obsessed with remembering his dreams. In 1968 Auroville was planned as a unified, self-sustaining town, ideas that are now in vogue. I said I’d heard women can get attacked at night. Whether we were driving in a giant circle or a straight path I did not know: The roads were a labyrinth of complicated unlabeled paths and dead ends. One such self-sustaining sustainable community is Auroville. Already dripping in the blazing June heat as we waited our turn to enter, I started to wonder if it was worth it. I nodded vaguely. Although the youth camp is slightly outside of Auroville, Mikael’s vision for the facility has a similar concept, as he wants to make it entirely self-sustaining and autonomous. ! The draw to Auroville is the lack of a currency, visitors need to a card (with cash) allowing them to access food and shops, however, a lot of the shops will not accept the card and prefer the cash, so what does that say about the currency-free utopia that draws so many people to it? Most who came had nothing and lived off nothing. It was founded in 1968 by a French woman called Mirra Alfassa, who was fondly referred to as “ mother ”. Recycled designs by Upasana On 28 February 1968, 5,000 people assembled near the banyan tree at the centre of the future township for an … Auroville was envisioned by The Mother as a self-sustaining community, wherein all earnings, assets are a part of the community and the I asked him what he thought of Auroville. The aim of Permaculture is to create systems that are ecologically sound, economically viable and self sustaining. His head was dumped inside Town Hall. It was planned with overlapping, multi-use zones, … They moved into a world that allowed them to forget the real one. I sat alone with the sliver of sunlight for 45 minutes. “Auroville is in its 50th year, but its economy is still not self-sustaining,” says Manuel Thomas, a Chennai-based chartered accountant, who has co-authored a book on Auroville’s economy. By continuing to use this website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. The ones who are cured, they leave. The story also misidentified Auroville’s Entry Services office as its Selection Committee. “Maybe I left my body last night,” he smiled. How to use self-sustaining in a sentence. At the time, Auroville was a giant arid desert and an idea. • It becomes a raw material to many industries using wood for their products. Back in Town Hall, with a photocopy of my passport, I filled out a standard visa form required by the Indian government. Visitors are welcome and have the opportunity to stay with Aurovillains, paying Auroville a set amount per night and then paying your host whatever you feel is appropriate. Located at a distance of 14.1 km from Pondicherry, not only is Auroville a self-sustaining microcosm, but it is the closest humanity has come to realizing the ideal of Utopia. But by the time I left Auroville after two weeks, I was craving the brashness of Indian traffic and the clutter that comes with being a part of a society; the shouting and bargaining, the accessibility to shops and people and conversations about what was happening in the world. It was June in Pondicherry, a sleepy beach town off the Bay of Bengal characterized by its post-colonial French influence, and the mid-afternoon heat was oppressive, peaking just above 100 degrees. Nov 25 2020. “The energy just disappeared,” she explained, behind wide eyes. All rights reserved. I spent hours on the terrace, lying in the shade and listening to the trees in the wind. He put the bottle in his glove compartment and gave a vague answer about police charging fines for liquor. He had discovered Auroville while on a road trip from Paris to Beijing; someone told him about the township while he was stopped at the Tibetan border. The project receives money from the government, $200,00 a year, as well as private donors on top of the money that Aurovilians pay. helping us towards a truly self-sustainable future. This being said Auroville is an international township supported by the UNESCO and has many a time boasted in its friendly outside media newspaper that it is “SELF SUSTAINING”. “If we had succeeded in Europeanizing ourselves we would have lost for ever our spiritual capacity, our intellectual force, our national elasticity, and the power of self-renovation.”, The Mother turned Aurobindo’s ideas into an international project to “realize human unity and establish an ideal society.” On Feb. 28, 1968, more than 5,000 people from 124 countries flocked to what, at the time, was a desolate red desert and a dream. self-sustaining {adj} autark selbsttragend selbstversorgend self-sustaining {adj} {pres-p} selbsterhaltend self-sustaining {adj} {pres-p} [e.g. Auroville is a town with the purpose of ensuring peace and encourage progressive harmony among its citizen. I would quickly discover that for an anarchical township, Auroville’s bureaucracy rivals that of India itself. Auroville, a growing international township near Puducherry on the Coromandel Coast in India, is an inspiring model for sustainable practices and ecologically-responsible living. It is the world’s largest spiritual utopia. Also, it generates employment for nearby villagers. I was strongly encouraged not to go out alone at night. She asked for a copy of my Indian visa, which I’d forgotten to make. “What is it?” I asked. The women receive training, guidance. It was founded in 1968 by Mirra Alfassa (also known as "The Mother") and principally designed by french architect Roger Anger (1923-2008). Dynamis is a commercial unit under Swagatam Trust, Auroville Foundation. Auroville Campus Initiative, as a follow up to the Confluence ( set-up a co-creative art installation on Re-imagining Auroville as a Univers-city. We began to discuss spirituality and consciousness. They are on their way as they already run on minimal Is it the need to be self-sufficient and self-sustainable and stay closer to mother earth and create a life where dependence on anything artificial is not an option? It’s really hard to get out alone.”. The premise of Permaculture is based on observation of natural systems, the wisdom found in traditional farming I asked if the Mother possessed the supernatural qualities I’d so often heard her spoken about her. Most I met were exceptionally warm-hearted, friendly, and lost; lonely in the particular way of those searching to belong somewhere. Other groups, like the Working Committee, wrote a similar response to my inquiry: “We are too busy and unable to meet.”. paying Auroville a set amount per night and then paying your host whatever. The concept of Auroville – an ideal township devoted to an experiment in human unity – was conceptualised by Aurobindo’s spiritual companion the Mother in 1968. “The Charter is everything.”. But an hour after I arranged the interview, I was contacted via email by the Media Centre and told that he was unavailable for interviews. She decided who could join by looking them in the eye; many recount meeting her as being a surreal and deeply spiritual experience. You start to see all the problems here, and it’s deeply layered,” she told me in the backyard of her house as we sipped fresh juice from limes she’d picked in her backyard. Read this article to better understand what it means to have a self-sustaining business. Auroville has the only Indian made mud-brick press which sells bricks all over India and exports to Africa, Sri Lanka, USA and Europe as well. The residents of Auroville and staff from nearby villages conduct farming and botanical gardening on the stretch of green belt that surrounds the region. Soon we reached a small white house built from cement and a wooden thatched roof. young woman from the United States was attacked. Though a place to actualize “human unity,” Auroville is also a place for a rare and dedicated breed of introspection; a space established primarily to worship the “divine consciousness”—a slippery term that, as a young German visitor I spoke with inside Ganesh bakery explained behind closed eyes, “you just feel.” She told me that she’d come to Auroville because she felt stifled in the West. You say Auroville is self sustainable…. Auroville - whether we would like to accept or not only depends on tourism for its survival. Elaine referred me to a group called the Unity Fund, but after several attempts to get in touch, no one would respond to my inquiries. She gave me a tour of the house in which she lived with her American husband and two small children. I walked, in white socks handed to me by a silent foreigner guarding the doorway in a white kurta, up the spiraling ramp to the inner chamber, a dark room with meditation mats and a large crystal ball at the center. Shanta gave me the keys to a rusty blue Mahindra motorbike, and I followed her down the labyrinth of dusty red roads to a place called Town Hall.