Fertility Foundation Course

 by Jani White

This foundation course is designed to facilitate qualified acupuncturists who want to extend their knowledge, to practice safely and appropriately, in support of fertility patients seeking either natural or assisted conception.


The importance of this course is the emphasis on 'Scope of Practice'. This is to ensure that practitioners feel confident guiding, and treating...

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About us

At the TCM Academy we have developed a range of online training courses which are aimed at both practitioners and students as part of continuous professional development programmes. All of our courses are presented by experts with no less than 10 years clinical experience in their relevant areas of expertise. These courses are designed to be used by practitioners as part of a CPD programme, or for students as part of a blended learning undergraduate programme.

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Michael presents an in-depth clinical approach to the diagnosis and treatment of IBS, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. IBS accounts for about half of all referrals to gastroenterology departments in the western world and in this course the symptoms and the underlying factors such as food intolerances and imbalances in our lifestyles are discussed...

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

by Michael McIntyre

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Obstetrics Course

by Jani White

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